A Meditation for Caregivers


I quiet my mind with a deep, stilling breath. And then another. All is well. All is well. I am well. I settle into the stillness of my soul and greet myself. I greet myself with an attention and presence that perhaps I haven’t given myself in a very long time. I come to my thoughts and release them experiencing an emptying that offers great relief. I breath deeply allowing any tightness in my head or face to fall away. I experience a pillar of light extending from the crown of my head. All negative, draining thoughts flow out. A healing, rejuvinating energy flows in. I breathe deeply again moving my energy now to my heart. There I stop and feel my heart soften. Any anger I feel for depleting myself and giving so much dissolves. Any resentment I feel evaporates. I breathe again and experience my heart beating calmly and rhythmically. I experience an unconditional love for myself entering my heart. My heart is open and expansive. I feel happy. I breathe deeply again and now my attention comes to my entire body as a whole. I release any tension that I may feel. I free myself. I am free from obligations. I am free from the expectations. I am free to make choices that honor my spirit. I am free to show my love in a way that is true for me. I breathe deeply again now and allow a bright, healing light to wash over me making me new again. I can begin again in my life. I am grounded yet free. My head and heart are clear. I feel loved. I am loved. I am love. I begin again renewed.

Listen and be guided in A Meditation for Caregivers by Meghan Nathanson

About meghannathanson

“Forget about enlightenment. Sit down wherever you are. And listen to the wind singing in your veins.” – John Welwood My name is Meghan Nathanson and I am the mother of two beautiful boys, Jonah (3 yo) and Adrian (1 yo). When I found out that I was pregnant with my second son, Adrian, I searched for a book about the transition for families from a household of one child to a household of two children. All of the book reviews that I came across for books such as this were very negative and I didn’t end up buying anything. I vowed to write about this topic when the time was right. It turns out the Universe had another plan in mind for me. When Adrian was 7 months old he experienced a serious medical issue which required two abdominal surgeries. It was a very intense time for our family on many levels and I spent numerous nights rocking him sometimes for hours at a time. During these many nights spent awake I found myself awakening to the way in which Motherhood has so beautifully intersected with my spiritual path and how mindfulness has played an integral part in my finding peace and joy with my children. As Adrian began to heal I began writing a series of essays which I hope to compile into a book: “12 Months of Mindful Mothering: Experiencing the Divine in Your Children in Every Season.” I’ve been thinking about ways in which I could share my experiences and potentially inspire a few Mothers to turn off their cell phones, log off of Facebook (I love Facebook too!) and be more present with their children. I would love to help Mothers discover the power of mindfulness as well as to help children experience their mothers in a more present way. With this intention in mind, I decided to share my essays through this blog as well as other discoveries I am making every day.
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